Night calendars

Pierre Millotte created the Night calendars series to show an important feature of human being : the search for the beloved and the need to get through the night near a warm body.
The rule laid is to paint black the nights spent alone and to use the color for nights spent accompanied.
The created paintings develop over a period of six months to a year.
Between black and coloured monochromes, intermediate results are the most interesting with their variety that expresses the inexhaustible impulse for life.

Night calendars (lonely nights in white)

The most recent Night calendars use white to express the nights spent alone.
And some of them overlay the time axes to develop a longer period of up to three years.

Small Night calendars

Small Night calendars are painted on MDF blocks. Each of them highlights a time period of 50 days which is extracted from the twenty years timeline covered by the larger paintings.