Night place traces

Keep trace of all the places where we lived, where we slept and therefore left behind a part of ourselves. Make them appear in color on the city map. This is the origin of these topographical paintings, the composition of each being ordered solely by the life of the individual represented.

Over the years

In order to show the temporal dimension that is not visible on city plans, Pierre Millotte has experimented with several methods like this series where each painting stops at a given moment in the life of the represented subject.By the accumulation of streets this series lets guess the perigrinations of life.

Night place calendars

This concern to show the passage of time ended up giving birth to chronological paintings. These paintings make visible the exact number of nights spent in the city and they specify by colours the street which sheltered sleep (the white represents the absence in the city).
The choice was made to cover three years per picture and the whole thus constitutes a long autobiographical sequence.